Things to do when you visit Liverpool

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Thinking of spending a day to visit Liverpool? Need some inspiration for things to do? Here’s my top things to do…

Liverpool’s history can be traced back as far as 1190, back then it was known as “Liuerpul”, which is thought to mean “creek with muddy water”. Liverpool is, a historian’s dream, an architect’s inspiration and an artist’s haven. With being named the European capital of culture in 2008 It’s really no surprise that over 62 million tourists visited Liverpool in 2017. In my opinion, anyone that is planning on visiting the UK, or even just venturing “up North” for the first time you’ve just got to visit Liverpool! Without anymore waffle let’s hit some reasons on why you should definitely spare a few days in your itinerary to visit Liverpool…



The Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool cathedral

Built between 1904 and 1978, this Grade 1 listed building at 189m long is the worlds longest cathedral. The total volume of Liverpool Cathedral gains it the rank of 5th largest cathedral in the world. Over the years, I’ve spent quite a while working around Liverpool city centre and always driven past the Liverpool Cathedral but not until I recently went to visit the cathedral did I realise what an absolute behemoth it is! Go to the main entrance, look up and feel like an ant! How do us humans manage to build such buildings, truly amazing.

liverpool cathedral entrance

Entry into the cathedral is free, but if you want to go to the top and see the world’s largest peal of bells then you’ll have to book onto the “Tower experience” which also includes a video on how the cathedral was built (available in 7 languages) at £5.50 it’s good value for money.

Liverpool Cathedral is fairly close to the city centre and finding it shouldn’t be too hard as at 500ft tall you can see it from quite a distance! Without a doubt you could walk it from the centre, although there is pay and display parking right outside of its main entrance.



Check out the Albert Dock

The albert dock

Situated on a world heritage site, the Albert Dock is the UK’s biggest collection of Grade 1 listed buildings. In fact, the warehouse buildings that surround the dock are the first buildings anywhere in Britain to be built solely from stone, brick and cast iron. Without the use of a wooden structure meant that this was the world’s first non- combustible warehouse system.

Built in 1839 the Albert Dock is now one of England’s biggest tourist hotspots. There’s just so much to do here. Things to do on the Albert dock include:

Visit the Merseyside Maritime and slavery Museums – Delve into Liverpool’s maritime past, learn all about Liverpool’s role in slavery. At one point, Liverpool was accountable for 50% of the UK’s slave trade. Yeah, it may not be something to shout about but it’s a part of Liverpool’s history all the same. You can also find the links to the HMS Titanic.

The Beatles story – The worlds largest archive of the Beatles history. From the very humble beginnings to all out Beatlemania, you’ll discover it all here.

The Tate Liverpool – Check out this art gallery, past exhibitions have included Picasso and Andy Warhol. With the exhibitions changing all the time it’s best to check out the official website to see what’s on when you visit Liverpool.

Eat food – The building surrounding the Albert Dock is ram packed with culinary options. Trust me you won’t starve here.

Padlocks at Albert Dock

Attach your “love lock” – Since the early 2000’s it has become quite a thing to by a padlock, inscribe the name of loved ones attatch it to the railings behind the gallery and throw away the key. This is all well and good until some “unsavoury character” realises that the scrap price for brass is at over £1 a kilo and takes some bolt cutters to them 😉.

By no means is that all there is to do on the Albert Dock, but we’d be here all day if I was to even try and fit it all in. Best thing to do is just go there when you visit Liverpool. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

There is plenty of parking in and around the Albert Dock but when I went there a few weeks back it was heaving! I had to drive around 3 times to find a space and that was on a tiny carpark with very tight spaces. They ain’t cheap either!



You can’t visit Liverpool without taking a Beatles tour

John Lennons childhood home visit liverpool

For any die-hard Beatles fan this is an absolute must when you visit Liverpool. There’s a few to choose from but it seems the best one on the market is the Magical Mystery Tour which is ran by the Cavern Club.
The tour departs Daily from the Albert Dock at 10am and takes you on a 2-hour trip.

Here’s the itinerary:

• Ringo Starr’s childhood home. (10 Admiral Grove, L8 8BH)
• Georges birth place. (12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, L15 8HP)
• Penny lane. (L18 1DE)
• St Peter’s church hall. (26 Church Road, L25 5JF)
• Strawberry field. (Beaconsfield Road, L25 6DA)
• John Lennon’s childhood home. (251 Menlove Ave, L25 7SA)
• Their former school

The tour winds up at the Cavern Club where the Beatles used to perform regularly. Tickets cost £18.50 per person.

Notice I’ve included the addresses and postcode for the places on the tour. I’ve done this for the people who, like me would rather find their own way around, in their own time. Also, you could go for a pint in “Empress” pub. The one from Ringo Starr’s “sentimental Journey” album cover (93 High Park St L8 3UF). Literally 50 yards from Ringo Starr’s birthplace.

The Empress pub Toxteth

Visit Anfield, the home of Liverpool football club.

Anfield, Liverpool football club

For any hardcore football fan, no visit to Liverpool is complete without a tour of Anfield. For £20 you can go on the tour of Anfield which includes:

  • A visit to the  home and away dressing rooms.
  • Have a go at an interview in the press room.
  • Take a photo and touch the “This is Anfield” sign.
  • A walk down the players tunnel.

You can take this tour at your own pace, using multimedia handsets to learn about the history of LFC. The tour is available in 9 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Thai and Indonesian. Book your tour here.



Hit the tiles on a night out

For many years now, for the masses that visit Liverpool every year it has to be said that along with the culture, activities and architecture another of the big draws is the night life.

For sure, by day Liverpool is a bustling shoppers paradise, by night it really comes alive! From huge clubs, to pubs where you can take Fido, to a thriving gay quarter, when it comes to guzzling down some pints, hitting the Tequila slammers or just a quiet few with a nice meal Liverpool really has it all. For all the hardcore ravers Concert Square is where it’s at!



The logistics to visit Liverpool…

Liverpool has excellent transport links, depending on where you’re coming from I’d say the bus and train are the best bet to get to Liverpool. Unless you’re coming from abroad and your main aim is to visit Liverpool then you could always fly into Liverpool airport and get a taxi or bus into the city centre from there.

Looking for somewhere to stay in Liverpool, realistically it’s got to be a hotel. Something like a room in the Premier In is probably you’re best bet. There is actually one on the Albert Dock. Close to everything I have mentioned in this blog post. Be sure to book early to get the best deal as the Albert Dock being as popular as it is, the prices are only ever going to go up.



To summarise…

Depending on what you’re looking for, I’m pretty confident you’ll find it in Liverpool. Shopping, nightlife, history, activities, it’s all here…
So, fly into John Lennon airport, get a room in the premier inn on Albert Dock, spend a couple of days sightseeing on the dock, do the Beatles magical mystery tour, be amazed by the sheer scale of the cathedral and maybe do a little shopping while you’re there.

As I’ve said earlier there are so many more reasons why you should visit Liverpool but there’s just a few to wet your appetite.

P.S don’t forget your padlock 😉

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2 thoughts on “Things to do when you visit Liverpool

  • April 15, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    Visiting England is definitely on my bucket list. My friend and I have been planning a trip to England since middle of last year. However, visiting Liverpool while in England hasn’t really crossed our minds. But reading your post made me excited to finally make this dream a reality before the year ends.

    I have heard and read a little bit about Liverpool but I never thought it’s this beautiful. I love visiting beautiful and tall buildings and sightseeing on the Albert Dock would be really cool. By the way, the “love lock” looks familiar. If my memory serves me right, I think I saw it featured on a reality TV show. And who doesn’t love the Beatles? I would be thrilled to take a Beatles Tour in Liverpool.

    By the way, what’s the weather like in Liverpool during the months of September to November?

    • April 22, 2018 at 2:24 pm

      Hi Alice,
      Yes Liverpool is definitely worth a visit, there’s plenty of history and architecture to go around. Also, Liverpool is not to expensive. Well in comparison to say, London. Cheap accommodation, cheap meals and a cracking nightlife make it well worth it to visit Liverpool.

      On the weather front, I definitely have to say you are better off to visit Liverpool in September rather than November. You can expect some half decent weather and maybe up to 20c in September but wait until November and it can be pretty cold wet and windy! Pretty much the same for everywhere in England. If you can, do your trip in August/September to be in with a chance of some decent weather.
      Thanks for reading.


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