Responsible service of gambling – RSG/RCG certificate

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For anyone travelling around Australia on a working holiday visa, finding work will be of upmost importance. With the amount of backpackers in the major cities all tying to make ends meet, competition can be pretty fierce. One way to get ahead of the crowd it to get plenty of certificates/qualifications. This is where gaining your responsible service of gambling certificate will help get you head and shoulders above the rest.

Let’s have a look at what the responsible service of gambling certificate is and how you go about getting yours. If you need one!?

What is the RSG/RCG certification course?


The RSG/RCG certificate is awarded to anyone who has attended and passed the responsible service of gambling course, whether that be in the classroom or online. Depending on which state you wish to obtain your license in will govern if you have to attend in person or simply do the course online.


The main points the course outlines are but not limited to:


  • Spotting and preventing underage patrons trying to gamble on the “pokies” (fruit machines to you and me) or trying their hand at blackjack on a casino table.


  • What impact on individuals and families problem gamblinUpset gambler has just lostg can have.


  • Legislation regarding responsible gambling.


  • how to implement industry codes of practice and house policies.


  • Gaining knowledge about your duty of care.


  • Understanding the links between alcohol and gambling.


  • Learning how to give problem gamblers information about getting help.


  • Statutory gaming signage.



Who needs to do the RSG/RCG course?


First off before I delve into explaining who needs to go on the course, one thing needs to be said – You do not need to do the RSG/RCG course if you plan on working in Western Australia, although it may help you gain employment if you had already done it but it’s not a necessity.


Right so if you’re planning on traveling all over the continent not just Western Australia and working in hospitality will be your main source of income, then at some point you’ll probably need one or more of these.


Anyone that works with or around customers that are engaged or have the opportunity to be engaged in gambling or gaming will need to go on the course to be legally employed in their position. You don’t have to be working in a casino to need the certificate, you could be working in a small pub in a little village but if that pub has even just one slot machine hidden away in the corner then you’ll need the RSG. Some more instances of needing the RSG are:


  • You could be the “pokies” maintenance man.


  • Arrange repairs to gaming machines.


  • Accountant looking after gambling revenue.


  • Hotel manager.


  • Of course a croupier.


  • Supervising gambling staff.


Basically if you are employed for any job that has even the most remote part to do with fruit machines, gambling tables, racing bets then odds are you’ll need the certificate.

Can I get by without one?


In certain circumstances yes but on the whole probably not!


Western Australia; As stated earlier, if you work in Western Australia there’s absolutely no reason you would be required to have one. Even though there are still training providers that offer them for Western Australia.


The rest of the states are as follows:


Queensland; In Queensland you get 3 months from the start date of employment to gain your RSG certification. As the legislation changes every few years here’s a link to the official Queensland government website.


South Australia; In SA, again you’ll be given a 3-month grace period from start of employment before you must complete the course. Get the latest info at the south Australia government website.


Northern Territory; In the NT the government seem to be a little more strict and from what I can find, you are required to have you RSG before starting employment. Especially if you want to work in the casinos, you’ll need police checks and finger prints taking. Keep up to date on the official Northern Territory government website.


Victoria; In January 2017 the rules in Victoria were updated. Now, within one month of starting employment you must complete “module 1” which is the online course. “Module 2”, which is the face to face part only needs completing after 6 months, so irrelevant to the cause in this post. Keep an eye on the changes by following this link to the Victoria government website.


New South Wales; Again another strict state. You must have the qualification before you commence working in any gambling establishment. Find the latest news and a list of training providers here on the NSW government website.


Tasmania; In Tasmania, you’ll be given 3 months before having to complete the RSG. Find the details here at the Tasmanian government website.


So in a nutshell, in one state you don’t need the RSG at all. In others, you get a few months before needing to do it and in the remaining states you’ve got to have it done before you can gain employment. In my eyes though, if you are planning on doing some hospitality work then you’re best to get the RSG done straight away because applying for jobs it will make you stand out from all the people who don’t have one yet and it will also make you look more interested in a hospitality role. Rather than someone who is desperate and just applying for anything.


Also, having already passed you’re RSG you’ll be given a number on your certificate (downloadable if online or physical copy if done in a classroom) which you’ll be able to put on your CV. This not only makes your CV look better but your potential employer can check this number online and see the status of your RSG qualification i.e expiration date etc.


How do I get the RSG? And how much?


There are a number of training providers that offer training to get your RSG certificate. Just make sure before parting with any hard-earned cash that they are a Registered Training Organization (RTO) and training is up to date with “SITHGAM001” standards.


The best training provider I could find was express online training. Their price list is as follows:

Buying courses together saves you a little money and you can get them all done at once which is handy.



To end on, if you’re planning working in hospitality then it’s probably a good idea to do your responsible service of gambling and RSA courses as soon as possible. For just $72 it really will open up a lot of job opportunities to you and make you a much better candidate from a potential employers point of view.


Bottom line… What’s $72? With the jobs it’ll enable you to do, you’ll have made that back before lunch break on you’re first day at work!!





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