Merrell hiking boots – all-terrain outback stompers

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The reason I bought Merrell hiking boots…

Stomping round the blue mountains in a pair of flip-flops is all well and good… Well until you hear a rustle, look down and see a dark brown tail slithering off into the bush! King Brown maybe!? I’m not gonna lie, my heart nearly fell out my mouth! Looking around and being surrounded by 2 foot deep brush, how far is it back to the van then!?

Do i really need hiking boots?

Well, no not really! Depending on how you plan to spend your time in Australia. If you think you’re going to be mostly staying in the cities then to be honest i probably wouldn’t bother but if you plan on seeing the real outback Australia then yes I can’t stress enough the need for some good, solid outback stompers.

If you plan on doing lots of rural walking/nature trails then the threat of snakes has to be considered. Soon as the sun comes up, the snakes come out to bask in the warmth of the morning sun, then slither back to a shaded spot in the heat of the mid-day sun. Most snake bites are around the ankles, so some £5 plimsoloes off the market are going to land you in some deep excrement! Don’t get me wrong the odds of you getting bitten by a snake are rare but if there is one thing to minimise this is the one. Also, doing farm work requires some good footwear as you’ll cover some mileage each and everyday.

The bush creepers I ended up buying.

Introducing the Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Gore-Tex High Rise Hiking Boots….



The features!

  • M-select fresh with leather and mesh upper keeps feet fresh, cool and dry
  • Closure: lace up
  • Flat heel
  • weight: 440g
  • Merrell air-cusioned heel absorbs shock and increases stability
  • Compression molded EVA foot frame provides cushioning

For best price check Amazon.





Most backpackers I met on my travels took 2 pairs of shoes, comfy city trainers/shoes and some hiking boots for everywhere else. Merrell hiking boots are well-known for being able to tackle any terrain. Yeh the styling is a bit “niche” but you show me a pair of hiking boots that ain’t!! These will last, no matter what activities you get up to. Let’s be serious the last thing you want to be doing is spending lots of money on footwear on your travels….. These are a solid choice.






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