Kings Canyon – A Northern Territory must see!

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Anyone who is interested in visiting the many wonders that Australia holds will be familiar with the likes of Uluru and The Great Barrier Reef but what about the less heard of Kings Canyon!? What is it? Where is it? Is it worth seeing?… Well let’s check it out!!


What is Kings Canyon?

Situated in the Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon is a 270-meter deep chasm, carved out by millions of years of erosion. It first came known to white settlers in the 19th century and has been a popular destination ever since. With the gorges and rock holes being sheltered from the surrounding desert by 100m high red rock faces, it is an ideal home/oasis to over 600 species of plants and many animals. Equipped with its own natural water springs, Kings Canyon is an unspoilt sanctuary in a vast area of barren nothingness.

Where is it?

Kings Canyon is situated in the Watarraka National Park, Northern Territory. 306km/3.5 hour drive north-east of Uluru. For anyone on a road trip straight down the center, say from Darwin to Adelaide, this is a definite stop on the journey. Next stop Coober Pedy eh!?

What is there to do here?

In a nutshell, be in awe of mother nature!!

If hiking is what you’re into, then this is the place for you! There are two main walking trails at Kings Canyon.

The first one: A 1-hour trek of moderate difficulty. Walk through the gorge, all the time looking up at the red rock canyon walls towering above you. Make sure you take a decent camera, as there are many amazing shots to be had.the kings canyon gorge

The second: Quite a little more demanding than the gorge walk. This is a 3 to 4 hour adventure that requires a fair bit of physical fitness. Walk around the rim of the canyon, passing through the “Lost City” rock formations and passing the tropical pools of the Garden of Eden. If you’re planning to do this trek in summer it is advisable that it is attempted in the early morning as it can easily get up to 40C+. Also, take plenty of drinking water, a hat and some strong sunscreen.

If walking’s not really you’re thing and your willing to splash out a little, then there is always a helicopter tour of Kings Canyon. Departing nearby, from both the Kings Canyon Resort and Kings Creek Station.

The Best way to see Kings Canyon…

If you’re like to do things in luxury, then staying locally in either the Kings Canyon Resort or Kings Creek Station and booking onto a tour is probably your best bet. For the more hardcore/poor of us out there then it’s got to be hire a campervan from Darwin and road trip it all the way down the centre of Australia to Adelaide, hitting Uluru, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Coober Pedy on the way. 2 weeks would be plenty of time to hit the main attractions without feeling the need to rush.

To sum up…

To wrap it all up, I personally wouldn’t travel all the way to the centre of Australia just to see Kings Canyon but if you’re planning a road trip in that direction anyway, then yes! Bang you’re walking boots on, grab your camera and definitely go see it. Worth a day of anyone’s life….





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