Hp stream laptop – must have for travelling the world! Review!

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Going off out into the wide world, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, you’ll without a doubt need a laptop of some description. This is one of the things I overlooked which I quickly realized I needed and was a complete doughnut for not for-seeing! Today I’ll be reviewing my recommendation….. the HP stream laptop ax000na (14 inch screen). In fact the very laptop I am creating this whole blog on, using many open pages and complex programs. It hasn’t let me down yet 🙂

Why do I need a laptop? I’m going travelling! Not to an office convention!

Well that’s what I thought. Big mistake! When you think of travelling you probably envisage scaling cliff faces, surfing the many beaches, getting drunk on cheap goon until you don’t know your own name. Yes this would be correct to an extent if you so wish but what of the times when you want to relax, feet up and watch a movie? How are you going to find all the best surfing beaches?

Throughout my travels I grew jealous of people who had laptops, they were always skyping home, sharing music downloading movies even filling out job applications, my iPhone 4s just wasn’t up to it. At some point on your travels you are going to experience periods of excessive downtime, everyone does and to be honest after 6 months on the road these are more than welcome… This is where you need a laptop.

So here it is, the HP stream 14- ax000na laptop

my stream
my hp stream that is currently creating this blog 🙂

Here’s the details:

  • 1.6GHz Intel celeron processor (plenty power for multi tasking)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM (for instant response)
  • 35.6cm HD SVA WLED back lit screen (looks good to me)
  • 32GB hard drive (enough space to get you going and expandable via SD card slot)
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Wieghs 1.44kg (nice and light after all that’s the name of the game)
  • 9 hour battery life ( their definitely not lying there)
  • For best price check Amazon



Should I not pay a little more and get a beast?

Simply put no!! This laptop will do pretty much everything you could need it to. OK maybe if you decide while you’re sat in the outback to take up Hd video editing, maybe it might struggle a little but why would you be doing that when there’s goon to be drank and emu’s to chase. 32GB of memory might not be a massive amount but this laptop also comes with 1TB of free cloud storage, also for £23.99 you can get a 64GB SD card to suit. In a way this is a blessing in disguise, the best way to share files is with removable memory (one for music, one for movies).

Another thing is the long battery life…. the Australian bush doesn’t really come equipped with plug sockets ;). It’s lightweight, well who wants to carry a desktop PC round in their backpack!? The case feels very durable, I haven’t dropped mine yet but I reckon it would deal with a bit of a knock here and there. What can I say it works like a dream!


If you don’t already have a laptop and believe me when I say you’ll need one then this is definitely one to shortlist.






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