How to get a 3rd year working holiday visa

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On a 417 or 462 working holiday visa? Living the dream and want to stay in Australia for a third year? Luckily for you there will soon be a way. It’s early days but in this post I shall explain what is known about, and how to get a 3rd year working holiday visa.

What hoops do you have to jump though to get the 3rd year visa?

Pretty simple really, well for anyone on their first or second year working holiday visa, you will no doubt be all too familiar with the “dreaded” 88 days.

Unfortunately, like everything that’s good in life, there’s a cost and why should a 3rd year in this down-under paradise be any different!?

You think getting your 88 days was hard enough (and believe me I feel your pain), it seems the Australian government doesn’t. If you want the 3rd year visa it’s going to be harder, twice as hard to be exact…

Instead of 3 months or 88 days to get your 2nd year visa you’re gonna have suck it up for 6 months or 176 days if you want the 3rd year visa.

Just to make it it clear: The 6 months or 176 days for the 3rd year visa doesn’t mean 3 months or 88 days for the 2nd year visa and the same for the third.

It means 6 months or 176 days all completed within the 2nd year visa.

So what kind of jobs qualify for the 3rd year visa?

Pretty much the same as before. Whatever qualifies for the second year visa will also suffice for the 3rd year visa.

The same types of job, in the same postcodes as for the 2nd year visa.

For those of you who have already obtained your second year visa I guess you’ll already have a good idea of what your looking for.

If you are still on your first year or maybe still never stepped foot in Australia and don’t really know what work qualifies then you should head over to this article where I have written all you need to know about getting your second year visa.

What if you you’re already on your second year visa?

According to the Australian Government website to complete your 6 months of regional work that will qualify for the 3rd year visa it must commence after the 1st of July 2019 in order to count.

Simply put, the first date that you could successfully apply for a 3rd year working holiday visa is 1st of Jan 2020. Any applications before that date are obviously not going to succeed as it would have been impossible to work 6 calendar months before the first of Jan.

In short, if you started your 2nd year working holiday visa before the 1st of Jan 2019 then it is impossible for you to be granted a 3rd year visa.

what is the age limit for the 3rd year visa?

Again, as with the 2nd year visa you must apply and start your visa before you turn 31.

Well, unless you are on a 417 visa and from Canada or Ireland that is. Recently, the Australian government upped the age for working holiday visas from 30 like everyone else, to 35 for Irish and Canadian 417 visa holders.

6 months!? Are they taking the p*ss?

I wouldn’t blame you for asking that question. After all, it takes most people somewhere between 4 and 6 months to complete the 88 days for the 2nd year visa.

I really wouldn’t be shocked if it takes some candidates the full 12 months to complete the 6 months of qualifying regional work for the 3rd year visa.

I guess though, if you’ve made it this far then you were successful in getting your 88 days and if you haven’t burnt the bridges then you should at least have some contacts to get you through the first 3 months.

Everything is easier once you have experience.

How much does then 3rd year visa cost?

At the time of writing this post there is no information available on what the 3rd year visa will cost.

My guess is it will be the same as the 2nd year visa which at the current time will set you back $450 AUD.

As soon as the information becomes available I will update this page.

Would I have gone for the 3rd year visa if it was around when I was in Oz??

Tough one! When I left Australia mid way through my 2nd working holiday visa I thought that I had seen and experienced enough.

Looking at it now, it would have been nice to have another years visa sat on the back burner just in case I ever wanted to return.

Australia being as expensive as it is makes it a tough country to travel without the ability to work.

Bottom line, if someone handed me a 3rd year visa, I’d be on a plane tomorrow.

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