Berghaus backpack – You’re not a backpacker without a backpack!

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Leaving everything you know behind for a life you’ve yet to know, a scary prospect! A good, solid backpack is the very thing you need from day one, before you even leave your home here in the UK. The last thing you need is to be travelling round with your life on your back and your backpack starts to let you down. In this post we will be looking at what you need for this aspect of life on the road to be trouble free. A Berghaus backpack is the answer.


The Berghaus Trailhead 65 summary:Berghaus trailhead 65

  • Adjustable bio-fit back system so you can adjust to your own personal preferance
  • Curved hip and chest straps mean manovering is with ease
  • Side pockets and bottle pockets mean you can have dedicated storage to things you’ll need most offten
  • Only 1.7kg, important when you could be trekking for hours on end
  • 65+10 litre capacity…well you’ve got to fit your life in it 😉
  • Dimentions 77x44x30 (HxWxD)
  • Cost £76.15
  • Cheapest place to buy


It may not be the cheapest but it’s quality!

As stated earlier in this post, when you are carrying every one of your worldly possesions then the last thing you need  when you’re trekking in the outback is hearing a big rip and that’s it laptop, undercrackers and everything else you own are strewn all over the bush. The extra compartments are always handy for things like water bottles, wallet, camera, basically anything that you need access to often, some backpacks don’t have ample storage compartments… these are a nightmare. There is also a raincover included for when the occsional rain arrives, no one likes wet clothes eh!? The backpack is also comaptible with the berghaus hydration system.


Berghaus as a manufacturer are renowned for rugged build quality, if you going into the outback, rugged is exactly what you’ll need! This is one thing I definately would not skimp on as you could be living out of it for the next few years.









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