A different approach to long term travel – goodbye backpack!

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Saying “long term travel” to most people conjures up images of young people donning their beat up backpack, clutching their nearly expired passport, living on less than $10 per day.

In fairness, this is all well and good in your early twenties but what do you do when you’re not 21 anymore? When you don’t want to share a dorm with 15 other people. When you’ve had enough of showering in the one and only grotty communal shower cubicle.

OK, OK you can spend more on accommodation but then how long is long term travel if you’re spending $50 per night on accommodation???

Surely there’s another way… A better way!?

I’m not 21 anymore

I say I’m not 21 anymore, what I really mean is I’m not even in my 20’s anymore. In fact, I’m heading for my mid 30’s. But one thing remains the same… I love to travel.

This post is about me. More particularly, about a decision I’ve recently made to alter the way I travel. For the moment anyway.

This blog started out about long term “backpacking” but life changes, I change, you change. Bottom line is, time changes everything!

Some of what suited me 10 years ago, now only proceeds to repulse me. It’s all about finding balance and a happy medium between the freedom that comes with owning nothing more than you can carry on your back and being tied to a life of monotony by creature comforts.

So what is that balance?

The balance is to buy something that enables you to be spontaneous but at the same time affords you some creature comforts while you travel.

old motorhome parked next to hedgerow

For me right now buying a motorhome is the right choice and in many ways a device to bridge the gap between bumbling around the world aimlessly and owning something of my own.

Having a home, a home that can go anywhere there’s a road. To an extent anyway.

Reasons for buying a motorhome…

For me, personally there are many different reasons to look for an alternative to your bog standard long term backpacking.

If you’re a regular reader of drunkenpom than you’ll probably remember an article on the ways that long term travel sucks. I wrote that not just as another post but because many of the reasons written in that article have laid the path to where I am today.

So here’s 6 of the top reasons I’ve decided to buy a motorhome and try a different approach to the way I travel:

I HATE public transport!

Life is just too short for public transport. It’s slow, it’s late and it is far too restrictive. Especially if you want to get off the beaten track.

Having my own vehicle is just something I must have in life. I need to be independent. Relying on someone else is just not my style.

She may be slow, but she goes exactly where I tell her….

Cheap way to see Europe:

I’ve spent 18 months touring Australia in a campervan and I’ve travelled Asia with a backpack. Now it’s time for some of Europe.

I’m not really one for the big cities I like to explore the wilderness more. Get a little more off the beaten track. The motorhome will let me do this.

And with all the free camping spots and aires outside of the major cities it should be one of the cheaper ways to see Europe. After all I won’t have any accommodation to pay for.

Creature comforts:

Bed hopping is crap! Now I can go anywhere and at the end of the day I can climb into my own bed knowing that some scruffy kid who hasn’t seen so much as a wet wipe wash in the last 6 days wasn’t in it this morning.

As I’ve said in past posts, having to eat out all the time is a real pain. Now I have my own fridge, freezer and cooker. I really did miss cooking while on the road. No more!!!

Anyways, more on the creature comforts when I write the article about the motorhome itself.

To have a home when I’m not travelling.

One of the biggest factors that stops many people from travelling long term is having to sell up to travel to have to start again when the money runs out.

Yes I know you can buy an apartment/house and rent it out while you travel but that comes with risks. Risks you don’t need when you are at the other side of the world enjoying your life.

Most people either stay with family while they save up for their next trip or rent an apartment only to have to leave it behind when they leave. Both options don’t suit me.

The need to earn money

Believe it or not this amazing blog hasn’t made me rich yet. With that said, I could have at the very least, blown the money I spent on the motorhome on a good stint in South America.

Another one of the reasons long term travel sucks was that I missed a certain degree of routine. The need to work, feel a part of something and earn is real.

Too much freedom leaves you with a lack of appreciation for it. Once this happens, freedom is worthless. A good stint at work leaves me hungry for my next adventure.

More opportunity for work

Just like having a campervan in Australia, having a motorhome in the UK opens so many doors when it comes to finding work. Normally work with less competition, meaning I can find work when and where I need it.

Having a motorhome means I can travel anywhere in the EU I can find a job and I don’t have to worry about finding an apartment to rent. I’m bringing my own miniature house!!


What will that change mean for this blog?

In some respects nothing will change. drunkenpom will still be about travel and adventure but on the other hand I will be creating a new category dedicated to motorhome tips, tricks and disasters.

So yeah, still travel but mixed in with solar panels and toilet chemicals rather than daypacks and long haul flights.

At the end of the day I could have just started regurgitating stolen info like some other travel blogs out there but instead I would rather let this blog change with me and still offer up to date info on all things motorhome/travel related.

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